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Jill Gatsby Writer/Executive Producer, Editor & Lead Vocals
ST Kapeller ~ Producer/Production Supervisor/Composer/Lead Vocals
Dawn Bertognolli Producer/Set Design
Cynthia Cohen/Angel Supporter
Olga Sem Costume Designer/Artist
Han Parker/Video Director/Film Production VP
David Franklin Producer/Sound Engineer/Drummer
Gil D'Orange Music Producer/Master Engineer/Bassist
David Keough Music/Lyrics & Rythym Guitar
Alan Winkle Producer/Music & Drums
Evan Stelling Bassist
Gabriel Gocobachi Drums
James Salazar Music/Lyrics & Vocals
Dan The Piano Man
Walter Van Schummer/Musical Donations & Bassist
Ted Thederahn/Associate Producer
And Too Many More To Mention! We are in the process of adding them now!


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