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Music & Arts = Industry 
with the greatest hitz you never heard, the best music & acting inside information nobody ever told you about, the most radical writing tips that strip the mystery of being a creative writer in tinsle town, and the craziest  secrets Hollywood's most notorious indie filmmakers.

 SONIC MASQUERADE Created for artists, by the artists, to bring you ... 

amazing art, music, acting and entertainment - that makes money for the performers, and makes them feel proud about their craft.

90% of the profits on Sonic Masquerade go to the artists and musicians.  10% goes back into Sonic Masquerade Music for advertising and office supplies. 


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What a concept!  But, please don't expect a miracle here!  This is not a scam.  LOL  So, if you don't put in the time, you most likely  ... ain't gonna earn a dime!!!

But if you've got the time and the talent ... we've got time for you ... and endless possibilities!


Send us what you've got! Bring it! We are in the business of bringing popular exposure to independent recording artists that the entertainment industry has rudely overlooked - We HOPE you are our next Super Star!   

Until then,  tune into Sonic Masquerade's INDUSTRY 101 ...

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