Where music and masks come together to

create a live and evolving major musical event. 


The Story Behind “Crazy Thing.”

 by Jill Gatsby


Fred Sweet, of the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, emailed us about his wonderful event as we were just developing

our production, SONIC MASQUERADE.  Sonic Masquerade is an evolving live rock event featuring Olga Sem and her extraordinary performance troupe INTERNATIONAL Fame.  Olga Sem is a fantastic, award winning, mask and costume designer.  SONIC MASQUERADE arrive all clad in handcrafted artisan, LED, Venetian inspired costumes, and express themselves to the beat of rare, original and ALL ANALOG ROCK MUSIC!  

Since Olga Sem is Internationally renowned, I thought it would be inspiring to bring her, and some of her troupe to the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (LJIFFF) with us to show off some of these fantastic costumes. 

When Olga told us she had some great footage we could use to make a music video.  Ken said, "Show us what you've got"  and it's become one of the hooks for this song. 


Jill Gatsby wrote the lyrics for the song and Steve Kapeller of (REO SPEED-WAGON) & Ken Pinkstaff wrote the music. Now, to be factual here, Steve Kapeller actually wrote the original song CRAZYTHING and titled it; . They produced it at METAL HAWK STUDIOS in Sun Valley, CA in collaboration with engineer phenom, David L. Franklin and co-engineer, Jimmy Salazar.  


Chuck Blazer, John Murphy and Steve Kapeller on Keyboards, Alan Winkle is  on drums, and KC Anderson is on bass.  

This musical team has written and produced hundreds of soundtracks together and are now creating the entire soundtrack for the live evolving show, SONIC MASQUERADE. When this overwhelmingly powerful soundtrack was complete, Ken told me to put some lyrics down and to sing over the epic track.  I was mortified and elated. This has to be the biggest break I’ve ever had in my life.  I figured since me getting to be a part of this was because of Fred Sweet’s invite to his La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, I should sing about walking the red carpet and showing everyone what we’ve got.  

It’s been one wild ride and all my dreams have come true in the making of this epic music video.  I am living  the greatest masquerade that ever was.  I am humbled, and grateful, to be a part of all this.